Rogue’s Roost

Looking down into the cove.

Looking down into the last cove on the right.

Tucked in behind Betty Island near the village of Prospect, a few hours’ sail southwest of Halifax, and a few hours’ sail northeast of Mahone Bay, is a popular hurricane hole and gathering place, Rogue’s Roost.

On a busy summer weekend, a dozen groups of power and sail boats, mostly belonging to the storied sailing grounds encompassing Halifax, St. Margaret’s Bay, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and the LaHave River, may be rafted together, enjoying each others’ company in isolation from the rest of the world.

Rogues-Roost-031Some of us like it quieter, and head inward to the last cove on the right, known to some as Snow’s Cove. If even that refuge is too crowded for us, we might take anchorage in the relative spaciousness of Cub Basin around the corner. At high tide, you can row a dinghy over the rocks separating the two.

But if we’re lucky to get there on a weekday or late in the season, we settle into a rogue’s world of granite and seaweed, herons and seagulls, stunted, scrubby trees and maybe a deer.

These photos were taken during several visits to Rogue’s Roost and Cub Basin. Click any photo to view large images.

There’s a sandy beach on nearby Hearn Island. You’ll need a dinghy or kayak to get there, and if there’s much wind, it could be a challenge, as there’s a long fetch down Prospect Bay.

Here is Rogue’s Roost on Google Maps – not to be used for navigation! You’ll want a proper chart or chartplotter and a reliable depth sounder so you can stay between the rocks and the hard places.


Rogue’s Roost — 3 Comments

  1. Great job … I am a long time resident of Prospect Bay (62yr.)… longest on Prospect Bay and have spent many days and nights in this area. My parents are from Prospect. Mother youngest of 14 Father manned Betty Light for 18 yr. with his father who was the first Light keeper.
    Hope you get to enjoy the area many more times.
    God Bless
    Paul Christian

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