An excellent introductory video to the Golden Globe Race scheduled to start on July 1st, 2018.

  This quality video by Vimeo will bring you closer to the spirit of the race and also to the  interesting and warm personality of skippers committed to undertaking this amazing 8-month long adventure on the high seas that will take them by the three capes in the Southern hemisphere and back to France.

  A daunting sailing adventure not for the faint-hearted or novice, if only because it presents itself mainly as both an endurance test and an opportunity for honest self-exploration amidst demanding natural elements.  The trial at sea of bold skippers with nothing on their conscience but a sweet obsession for the combined vastness of three oceans haunted by howling winds and soul-nagging solitudes sparsely settled by companionable sea creatures.

  With opening remarks by Sir Robin Know-Jonston.

Now, for an interview with Sir Robin showing the state of mind of the skipper battered by wind and waves for weeks on end in the Southern Ocean, simply click here.

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