Genoa Car Overhaul

Genoa car sample

Genoa car

The photo illustrates a genoa car after overhaul. During the sailing season, the 1/2 inch diameter axle in the slide, that allows the pulley yoke to pivot, was noted to be moving forward. In a short time this would have allowed the yoke and pulley to fly free. This car and the starboard mate were removed and repaired.

To make these repairs:

  1. Add two 1 1/4 inch polyethylene washers (one on each side of the aluminum pulley) to replicate the washer faces on the pulley that had worn away. (Part of the black polyethylene washer is visible on the pulley.)
  2. Remove the old black rubber bumper that was marking everything and replace with a white soft plastic bumper (furniture bumper from hardware store).
  3. Secure the yoke shaft using a 1/4 -20UNC x 3/8 long set screw (visible in the photo just to the left of the knotted cord pin pull). To do this, drill and tap the aluminum slide.

The two overhauled genoa cars are now reinstalled and should provide many more years of service: a much less costly solution than buying new.

by Ed Sulis

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