2018 Golden Globe – Revisiting sailboat “Suhaili” that won the 1968-69 race

Featured in the following video is “Suhaili”, the sailboat Sir Robin Knox-Johnston entered in the first iteration of the Golden Globe race in 1968. It was not the fastest but likely one of the better built boats to sail the race if only because its skipper knew it intimately well and managed to keep it in decent sailing shape for the long trip around Antatica on the rougher more challenging portions of the Indian Ocean from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn.

Not an easy mission for any ship that size.

Preparedness is the name of the game and is rarely overdone as most contingencies should be anticipated especially in the demanding sailing conditions created by weather in those lattitudes. In another video, Sir Robin points out at cross-seas and storm conditions combined creating some of the most challenging situations he has ever met such as knock-downs.


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