50th edition of the Paris Boat Show and other news

salon nautique de parisThe Paris Boat Show is on, starting today December 4, and ending on December 12, 2010.

The difference with this year’s edition is the celebration of the 50th edition of the well-known annual Paris Boat Show. The English website for the Paris Boat Show can be accessed by clicking here. The site is well designed and user-friendly. There are many features worth exploring online, may of them in English.

In other news this week, the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) issued a press release on December 2, 2010, announcing the ratification of a new world speed sailing record. The amazing feat of sailing by kistesurfer Alex Caizergues took place in Namibia, on October 12, 2010. The conditions were good for conducting the record 500-metre run at an average speed of 54.10 kts. Kitesurfer Alex was well prepared and the water surface in the channel along the Namibian coast was smooth enough for such speeds despite the strong wind.

Alex Caizergues, officially the fastest sailor in the world, will be a big star at the Paris Boat Show which is opening today in Paris.

Although the average speed record was achieved by Alex over a distance of 500 metres, there is no other official record of anyone having sailed on water at 54.10 kts. Furthermore, Alex enjoys a comfortable gap of about 3 kts from previous sailing speed records. The French max-trimaran ‘Hydroptère’ which is supported by hydrofoils, as its name implies in French, is reported to have reached a peak speed of 61 kts and a bit back in November 2009. However peak speeds are difficult to properly document and verify. This is likely the reason why the WSSRC does not ratify peak speed records. Yet, of all sailing vessels, Hydroptère is the only known large sailboat likely, for the time being, to break the new 54.10 average sailing speed in both the 500-metre and the one (1) nautical mile distance categories.

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