Simplified Replacement for Drinking Water Tank Crossfeed


Old assembly removed

During the last two sailing seasons a slow drip was constant from the valve assembly that connected the port and starboard water tanks to the inlet line to the domestic water pumps. The leak continued after the assembly was removed, cleaned and all joints were redone (an overtight distorted thread? material crack?).

The old assembly shown removed in the left photo comprised a total of 13 parts, 7 in brass and 6 in plastic. This arrangement was retired after a “Y” valve was found that looked promising.

New Y-valve

New Y-valve

The “Y” valve, selected from Lee Valley is of superior quality. The body is heavy brass with two good quality ball valves and stainless steel operating handles. The 3 hose barbs are easily threaded on and after attaching the hose with all Stainless steel hose clamps, no leaks for the first time in two years. The right photo is the new assembly (floorboards removed) with the two tank feeds from the right and the pump suction to the left. This assembly is compact and is easily accessible and operable through the small loose/removable floorboard panel.

by Ed Sulis

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