Velux 5oceans Race and Barcelona World Race

(Updated on January 19, 2011)   In what turned out to be hard sailing both physically and at times tactically for the four remaining participants in the second leg of the Velux 5oceans  Race, skipper Brad Van Liew on Le Pinguoin was first in Wellington (NZ), yesterday January … Continue reading

50th edition of the Paris Boat Show and other news

The Paris Boat Show is on, starting today December 4, and ending on December 12, 2010. The difference with this year’s edition is the celebration of the 50th edition of the well-known annual Paris Boat Show. The English website for the … Continue reading

New sailing speed record across the Mediterranean sea

Another maxi-trimaran, Banque Populaire V,  breaks the average speed record under sail across the Mediterranean Sea. Average speed of 33.24 kts over a crossing distance of 477 miles between Marseilles (France) and Carthage (Tunisia). Quite a sailing achievement! For detailed info, … Continue reading

All time fastest sailboat to sail around the world: trimaran “Groupama 3”

News came in last night that French maxi-trimaran, “Groupama 3”, bettered by over two days the previous ’round the world non-stop sailing record held by Bruno Peyron on “Orange II” since 2005. These speed records are attempted and sometimes achieved in response … Continue reading

SV Concordia Crew’s Rescue Made Possible by Safety Procedures and Emergency Equipment

Hooray for the crew of Class Afloat‘s SV Concordia who had the safety equipment and knew what to do when their ship went down off the coast of Brazil on Wednesday. Even without knowing all the facts, it is obvious … Continue reading

Inspiring footage of sailing clippers by Alan Villiers

Sailing clippers of the second part of the 19th century were fast and, well over 100 years later, remain totally fascinating, not just as sailing ships but especially in terms of the skills, endurance and agility mariners of those days clearly demonstrate. These merchant sailing ships … Continue reading

The Beneteau Oceanis 323: weekend sailboat or extended-range coastal cruiser?

Note: We have sold our Beneteau 323. In this article and another, Beneteau Oceanis 323 Sailboat Review with Photos (which is based on our online ad), we share much of our experience with that lovely boat. Canada’s east coast is … Continue reading